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    Chukar Challenge: June 29, 2019


    The event will be
    held at Training Fields, LLC
    on Point McKenzie.
    (CLICK HERE to download map)

    The Chukar Challenge is a fun,
    competitive event 
    for all pointing and
    flushing breeds.

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      The events will be held between 9 AM and 5 PM



    The Arctic Bird Dog Association's annual Chukar Challenge is your chance to work your dog on some good flying chukar partridges and hone your shooting skills in a fun and competitive event.

    Participants will have 20 minutes for their dog to find 3 birds. Pointing dogs must point and flushing dogs must flush the birds. Handler and gunner will enter the field with a limited number of shotgun shells. Challenge points are awarded for number of birds found (up to 3), pointing or flushing ability, retrieves, birds in the bag, and number of shells remaining at the end of their run. Placements are given in both pointing and flushing classes. Participants can do their own shooting or bring a friend to gun for them. Club members will be available if you need a gunner.

    Each entry includes a chance at 3 chukar and includes a hearty lunch. The entry fee for this event is $100 per run. If time allows on the day of the event, a second non-placement run may be purchased on site (cash or check only) with priority going in order of the initial online registration date and time. Entries are limited so don't miss your chance for a fun day with your best friend!

    • The activity fee for each run per person with a dog is $100. This includes a lunch and three birds.
    • Dogs may be entered to run twice, time allowed, but the first run is the qualifying run for placement purposes.

    Download the Chukar Challenge Rules & Scoresheet: CLICK HERE


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