CHUKAR CHALLENGE JULY CLASSIC (Pointers only) -- SAT., JULY 27, 2024
    CHUKAR CHALLENGE JULY MASTER (Pointers only) -- SUN., JULY 28, 2024

    Hosted by the Arctic Bird Dog Association

    Due to popular demand, we are hosting a second Chukar Challenge weekend for pointing dogs!

    The Chukar Challenge is a fun, competitive event for all pointing breeds.

    Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    Location: Saturday - Training Fields, LLC (CLICK HERE to download map)
    Sunday - Robertson Field

    For more info: contact Bud Rice at 907-440-2676 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Registration   OPENS JUNE 14, 2024 12:00 noon  &   CLOSES JULY 21, 2024 9:00pm

    Scroll to the bottom to register.
    Entries are limited so don't miss your chance for a fun day with your best friend!

    The July Chukar Challenge Classic on Saturday is only for Pointers.  This is your chance to work your dog on some good flying chukar partridges and hone your shooting skills in a fun and competitive event.

    Format:  Participants will have 20 minutes for their dog to find 3 birds. Pointing dogs must point the birds. Handler and gunner will enter the field with a limited number of shotgun shells. Challenge points are awarded for number of birds found (up to 3), pointing ability, retrieves, birds in the bag, and number of shells remaining at the end of their run. Placements are given.  Participants can do their own shooting or bring a friend to gun for them. Club members will be available if you need a gunner. Participants in all events should watch the AKC Gunner Safety video.

    The July Chukar Challenge Master Class on Sunday is for the Pointing Dogs. Dogs are run in braces under the following scoring rules:

    Braces will be 30 minutes each. 5 birds will be planted for each brace. A maximum of 8 braces will be run. Braces and running order will be drawn at random 5 days prior to the event and posted on website.

    FIND – Scores 20 points per bird pointed. The point must be held for 5 seconds. The dog is expected to be steady to wing, shot, and fall. Quiet reinforcement of the dog is permitted, i.e. low volume “Good whoa”. Giving a forceful command results in a 10 point deduction. If a dog “breaks”, traps, or flushes the bird, no points will be awarded for the find.

    RETRIEVE – 15 points will be awarded for each full retrieve, 5 points for partial retrieve. Delivery must be made to within 1 step of the handler. Backward or lateral movement is allowed with no deduction. Partial delivery equals the handler taking more than one step or the dog refusing to “give/drop” bird on command. No points will be awarded of the dog fails to deliver, runs off with, “mangles”, buries, refuses, etc., the retrieve.

    BACKING – 20 points will be awarded for each back, if no command is given. 5 points will be awarded if the dog backs with a single command. Quiet reinforcement is permitted, after the back has been established. To receive full points the honor must be held through the retrieve. A dog that breaks, to continue hunting, before the retrieve is completed will be awarded 5 points only. A backing dog that interferes with a retrieving dog (tries to steal the bird) will receive no points for the back. The retrieving dog will receive full points for an interfered-with retrieve.

    Other – physically retraining/collaring a dog is not permitted (no check chords). An e-collar may be used (including activated point mode) for training purposes with a 15 point deduction. Braces are run for full 30 minutes. No points for shells remaining.  A “bumped” bird may be worked only after a 2 minute rest/delay has been completed. If a find occurs immediately prior to time expiring, the dogs will be given 2 minutes to complete their work (through the retrieve). If the work sequence is not completed within the 2 minutes, no points will be awarded.  A designated gunner may be used.  Participants in Master event should watch the AKC Gunner Safety video. This is especially important for the Master event because there would be two dogs, 2 handlers/gunners, and 2 judges per brace, much like in an AKC hunt test

    Fees and Info:

    • The activity fee for each run per person with a dog is $120. This includes three chukars.
    • Entries are limited to 16 dogs per day.
    • Participants are limited to entering 2 dogs per day.
    • If time allows on the day of the event, a second non-placement run may be purchased on site (cash or check only) with priority going in order of the initial online registration date and time. The first run is the qualifying run for placement purposes.

    PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH!  We will have tents, tables, and chairs for people to gather at the ABDA trailer near Field 2 of Training Fields, LLC. 
    •  PLEASE PAY ONLINE using a card or PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, there's an option at the bottom of the payment screen to use a credit or debit card.
    •  Participants in all events should watch the AKC Gunner Safety video
    • Blaze orange vest / shirt AND hat must be worn in the field. Eye protection is mandatory, and hearing protection is recommended.
    • Download the Chukar Challenge Rules & Scoresheet: CLICK HERE

     Registration:  If an event is not listed in the drop-down list, then entries are full.  

    If you have problems with online registration, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 907-240-5434



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