Choosing a Puppy

    Choosing A Puppy

    By: Arctic Bird Dog Association


    Are you planning to buy a puppy, adopted, or trained dog?

    The Arctic Bird Dog Association can provide valuable insight and referrals if you are looking for a pointing breed or spaniel.




    Spaniel Information - Mike Kasterin - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Pointing breed information - Hilde Stapgens - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Find on the web or get a referral to a breeder who specializes in the type of dog you desire. ABDA often has information about available litters.

    Buy a field bred dog if you wish to compete in field events or hunt with the dog.

    Buy a dog from proven show stock if you wish to show the pup.

    Get help reading pedigrees…it’s available through ABDA

    If at all possible, see the sire and dam before buying. What you see is at least 60% of what your pup will be!

    Be sure the pup’s parents have hip and eye certifications.

    Never adopt a pup before 8 weeks of age! Many quality breeders will not place pups until 10 weeks of age. The 8-12 week period in a dog’s life is when they learn socialization with other dogs through interactions with litter mates.


    If you desire a trained dog be sure you see the dog in action, and meet the trainer/owner. They will provide pedigrees. The dog should have hip and Eye certifications. Adopting an adult dog or even a fairly young one with no training requires you to be ready to begin training and socialization as with a pup. You should be aware of where to get help, and have sufficient time and patience to integrate the dog into your life successfully.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Whether you buy or adopt a dog - please be sure your family is okay with having a new member, and that your husband/wife and children understand that training a puppy takes time. They will be involved.

    Remember, your new dog may be with you as long as fifteen years or more!


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