Toxic Plants and Flowers List

    Toxic Plants & Flowers List

    By: Charles M. Muschany, D.V.M.
    Houseplants, flowers and outside plants are beautiful and add so much to our homes and yards. But did you know many common plants and flowers may be hazardous to your pet? Here is a list of just some of the many poisonous flowers and plants:
    If you suspect that your dog might have eaten any plant that might be toxic, contact his/her Vet immediately. Many common house and garden plants can be toxic to animals if swallowed. The symptoms can be diarrhea, nausea, skin allergies, oral irritation, intense burning and irritation of the mouth, lips, tongue, excessive drooling, vomiting, difficulty in swallowing and abdominal pain. Only a trained Vet can help you if you suspect that your dog has been poisoned, do not waste valuable time your pet has by relying on random web sites or helpful info found online. Call his/her Vet instead.   


    Almonds,  Aloe Vera,  Amaryllis(leaves and flowers),  Andromeda japonica,  Apple (seeds and wilting leaves), Apple Leaf Croton,  Apricots,  Asparagus Fern, Autumn Crocus bulbs, Azalea (stems and leaves).


    Baby's Breath,  Bird of Paradise,  Birdnest Sansovioria,  Birds of Paradise (stems),  Bittersweet,  Black-eyed Susan,  Bleeding Heart (flowers and stems),  Boxwood Bark (stems and leaves),  Branching Ivy,  Buckeye,  Buddhist Pine,  Buttercup.


    Caladium,  Calla Lily,  Carnation,  Castor Bean Seeds (very toxic),  Ceriman,  Cherry (seeds and wilting leaves), Cherry Laurel Wood and Branches (very toxic),  Chinaberry Tree (berries bark leaves flowers), Chinaberry Tree (wood and branches),  Chinese Evergreen,  Christmas Cactus,  Christmas Rose,  Cineraria Clematis,  Chrysanthemum,Clematis Stems and Leaves,  Coleus,  Cordatum,  Corn Plant,  Cornstalk Plant,  Croton,   Cuban Laurel,  Cycads,   Cyclamen.


    Daffodil,  Daffodil bulbs, Daisy,  Day Lily (cats),  Delphinium plants,  Dracaena,  Dragon Tree,  Dumb Cane Leaves (very dangerous).


    Easter Lily (especially cats),  Elaine,  Elephant Ears,  Emerald Feathers,  English Ivy,  English Ivy Fruit.


    Fiddle-leaf Fig,  Flamingo Plant,  Florida Beauty,  Flowers bulbs of any kind,  Foxglove (stems and flowers).


    Geranium, German Ivy,  Glacier Ivy,  Glory Lily,  Golden Pothos.


    Hahn's Self-Branching English Ivy, Heavenly Bamboo,  Hibiscus,  Holly,  Holly Berries,  Hosta,  Hurricane Plant, Hyacinth,  Hydrangea.


    Indian Laurel,  Indian Rubber Plant, Iris.


    Japanese Show Lily (especially cats),  Jack-in-the-Pulpit,  Jade Plant Jerusalem Cherry,  Jasmine (leaves),  Jerusalem cherry leaves and flowers,  Jimsonweed or Thorn Apple (very dangerous)


    Kalanchoe (Panda Bear Plant). 


    Laburnum bark flowers seeds and leaves, Larkspur Stems,  Lily of the Valley Leaves and Flowers,  Locoweed,  Lupine Stems and Flowers.


    Macadamia Nut,  Madagascar Dragon Tree,  Marble Queen,  Marijuana,  Mexican Breadfruit,  Miniature Croton,  Mistletoe Berries (very poisonous),  Morning Glory,  Mother-in-Law's Tongue,  Mountain Laurel,  Mushrooms- any that you can not identify as safe.


    Narcissus, Needlepoint Ivy,  Nephthytis,  Nightshade,  Norfolk Pine.


    Oleander (bark stems and leaves) (very dangerous), Onion,  Oriental Lily (especially cats).


    Peace Lily, Peach (wilting leaves and pits),  Peaches,  Pencil Cactus,  Philodendron,   Plumosa Fern,  Poinsettia (low toxicity),  Poison Ivy,  Poison Oak,  Pokeweed,  Potatoes Peelings(raw),  Pothos,  Precatory Bean,  Primrose (Primula), Privet Bush Stems and Leaves.


    Red Emerald, Red Lily (especially cats),  Red Princess,  Rhododendron & Leaves,   Rhubarb (leaves),  Ribbon Plant,  Rubrum Lily (especially cats).


    Sago Palm,  Satin Pothos,  Schefflera,  Silver Pothos,  Skunk Cabbage (leaves and flowers),  Stargazer Lily (especially cats),  String of Pearls/Beads,  Sweet Pea,  Sweetheart Ivy,  Swiss Cheese Plant.


    Taro Vine, Tiger Lily (especially cats),  Tomato Plant (green fruit stem & leaves),  Tomatoes Vines,  Tulips.


    Variegated Rubber Plant,  Virginia Creeper (bark and stems).


    Wandering Jew,  Weeping Fig,  Western Lily (especially cats),  Wisteria (bark and leaves),  Wood Lily (especially cats).


    Yesterday Today and Tomorrow,  Yew Bark Needles and Seeds (very dangerous),  Yucca.

    This list is courtesy of Charles M. Muschany, D.V.M.

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