Training Fields, LLC


    Training Fields Policy and Rules

    1. ABDA members will not be allowed on Training Fields property unless a member of Training Fields, LLC is on site.
    2. On days when ABDA is sponsoring an event any field not in use by the club, considering the personal & property safety of those attending the event, may be used for personal training.
    3. Any person who is not a Training Fields, LLC member must be accompanied by a Training Fields, LLC member while training on the property before 8:00 AM or after 5:00 PM.
    4. The use of a firearm at any time on the property is forbidden after consuming alcohol.
    5. Orange must be worn while in the fields
    6. Gun actions are to be open when not in the field
    7. Pick up hulls and all marking tape after shooting
    8. No shot larger than 6's (6, 7-1/2, 8, or 9 will work)
    9. Dogs are to be kept under control while in the camping area, to include putting dogs away/kenneled during meals. Owners are expected to keep their dogs from urinating on equipment/camping/cooking gear, and will be expected to immediately wash anything urinated on. Owners should be aware that they may be asked to remove their dogs from the camping area if this continues to be a problem.
    10. No bird cleaning in the field or leaving carcasses in the field
    11. Vehicles must remain on the existing road
    12. Children (anyone 17 years and younger) must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times when on the property
    13. Camping will be allowed on Training Fields, LLC property over weekends when ABDA is conducting a 2-day event.
    14. Any person(s) camping on the property will be expected to help with the many tasks involved with setting up and taking down events.
    15. ABDA members should be aware that, should a serious breach of these rules occur on Training Fields property at any time, any LLC member may request the offending party to leave the property, either temporarily or permanently at the discretion of the LLC member.

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