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    Spaniel Clinic - August 21st, 2021


    With John Bruggerman
    Presented by Arctic Bird Dog Association
    Training Fields LLC at Point MacKenzie
    (CLICK HERE to download map)

    ABDA is proud to present a dog training seminar at Training Fields LLC on Saturday 21 AUG 2021.
    • Group session in the morning - 8am to noon ($50 per handler)
    • Individual one-on-one help session in the afternoon - 1pm to 6pm ($50 per dog)
    John Bruggeman, who will judge the Hunt Test in Delta Junction the following weekend, will be the instructor. John is a long-time field trailer, hunt tester, judge and professional dog trainer from Pennsylvania. He started running Spaniels in Hunt Tests in 1990 and became a judge in 1992. He has run spaniel field trials off and on since the early 90’s as well, and started judging Spaniel Trials in 2008. He became a pro trainer part-time in 1993, and switched to full time in 2019. John trains both Spaniels and Retrievers, and from his location 10 miles from the Maryland state line, trains many dogs for waterfowl work on MD’s famous Eastern Shore as well as for upland hunters and performance events, both AKC and NHRA. You can visit his Facebook page: Skyjacker Kennels

    In the morning session, we will work on drills to enhance your dog’s performance on both land and water blinds, ways to extend your BACKs, handling from a distance, and more.

    During the afternoon, John will work with individuals on the specific issues you would like to learn more about, whether it is steadying, delivery, quartering, water entry, you name it. He will help you with a training method to solve your issues, and move on to the next dog/handler while you practice. He will cycle around to review your progress and help with how to proceed after the seminar. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and training generally takes a few weeks to really take hold.
    • The morning GROUP SESSION has no limit to participants.

    • The afternoon ONE-ON-ONE SESSION is limited to 6 participants.

    The morning clinic will begin promptly at 8:00 AM. The afternoon clinic will begin promptly at 1:00 PM. There will be a break from noon - 1 for lunch break (Bring Your Own). 


    The cost of the clinic will be $50, payment accepted online.


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