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    Special Pointing Breeds Hunting Test

    Open to All Pointing Breeds

    Saturday July 17, 2021

    at Bird Dog Acres on Point MacKenzie
    (CLICK HERE to download map)
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       The events will be held between 9 AM and 5 PM.
    Entries close July 15th, 12 PM - midnight.


    The competitive AKC Field Trials had gotten very successful but no longer focused on useful hunting style. That resulted in the development of the AKC Hunting Test. It is a pass/fail test where your dog demonstrates its usefulness in the field hunting upland game. The judge evaluates the handler/dog team. That means not only does the dog have to deliver acceptable performance, but the handler has to present the dog to its best advantage.

    The Pointing Dog Specialty on July 17th, 2021, will teach you the handling methods that maximize your chance of a successful test.

    A Junior brace in the Specialty will have 30 minutes during which Laura will advise you in your handling skills and offer some training advice. Senior and Master level braces will run a full hour.Learning to handle our dog in a test situation will not only help you in the AKC Hunting Test but any test where you are matching your dog’s skills against a standard or competition.




    This fun event will be open to all pointing dog breeds, including those not recognized by the American Kennel Club. It is intended to give these dogs and their owners/handlers a chance to test against AKC hunting test standards.


    Dogs will run a course seeded with live birds identical to an AKC hunting test. Their performance will be evaluated in accordance with the regulations of AKC pointing breeds hunting tests. Accredited AKC judges will be on hand to evaluate the dog & handler's performance and to offer tips and advice for improvement.


    Electronic collars and check cords will be allowed in this event.

    Event registration is limited to 20 entries.


    Regulations and Standards of Performance for AKC Hunting Tests for Pointing Breeds: RHTPNT


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