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    Special Pointing Breeds Hunting Test

    Open to All Pointing Dogs and Versatile Hunting Dogs

    Saturday, July 17, 2021

    at Bird Dog Acres on Point MacKenzie
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       The events will be held between 9 AM and 5 PM.
    Entries close July 15th, 12 PM - midnight.


    The AKC Hunting Test is a pass/fail test where your dog demonstrates its usefulness in the field hunting upland game. The judge evaluates the handler/dog team. That means not only does the dog have to deliver acceptable performance, but the handler has to present the dog to its best advantage.

    The Pointing Dog Specialty on July 17th, 2021, will help you refine your handling methods to maximize your chance of a successful test.

    The Junior brace in the Specialty runs for 30 minutes during which licensed AKC Hunt Test Judges will advise you in your handling skills and offer training advice. Senior and Master level braces run a full hour. Learning to handle our dog in a test situation will not only help you in the AKC Hunting Test but any test where you are matching your dog’s skills against a standard or competition. Galleries are allowed so everybody can observe all braces. 

    This year's AKC judge is Bruce Dickey from Washington, AKC # 93873  

    A little bit more about Bruce in his own words: Being empty nesters has allowed me to spend more time with my dogs, training, assisting others with training, Field trialing, Hunt testing, Hunting, and Judging AKC Performance events, being the Secretary, or chairman for Club events, etc., - anything with dogs. After my last Labrador Retriever died, Cathy and I started looking at the pointing breeds, we settled on the Vizsla. “Cooper” was his name, a little red ball of lovable fur. With a little help from a couple of guys in a local Dog club (Three Rivers Bird Dog Club), I was on my way to train my first Hungarian Pointer. When Cooper about 13 months old, he was at about the Senior Hunter Level. Shortly after he turned 14 months, he developed a bladder infection and died from the anti-biotics he was prescribed.

    The breeder we got Cooper from, had another litter, in which we got our 2nd Red Dog, “Gunnar” he went on to become our first AKC Master Hunter. Now that he was proven we bred him, and kept one of the females, “Annie” She also went on to get her AKC Master Hunter title.

    Since 2011 when I became an approved AKC Judge, in which I have judged events including, Junior, Senior, and Master levels, with judging over 40 events, one would think I would have seen just about every situation there is… but no way! Every run is a little bit different. Now fast forward, currently we have “Ruger” a 5 yr old GSP, that I am Field Trialing and Hunt Testing.

    I really enjoy training, handling, and watching these dogs do what they were bred to do. I look forward to meeting all of you when I come to visit in July. Thank you for this Judging opportunity.


    This fun event will be open to all pointing dog and versatile hunting dog breeds. No AKC registration required. It is intended to give dogs and owners/handlers a chance to test against AKC hunting test standards.


    Dogs will run a course seeded with live birds identical to an AKC hunting test. Their performance will be evaluated in accordance with the regulations of AKC pointing breeds hunting tests. Accredited AKC judges will be on hand to evaluate the dog & handler's performance and to offer tips and advice for improvement.


    Electronic collars and check cords will be allowed in this event.

    Event registration is limited to 20 entries.


    Regulations and Standards of Performance for AKC Hunting Tests for Pointing Breeds: RHTPNT


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