Clinics with John Bruggeman

    Delta Junction, Alaska  -  August 26, 2022

    Presented by Arctic Bird Dog Association
    The lessons will be held at Delta Junction, Alaska 

    On Friday 26 August 2022

    Training Backs & Blinds: half day Seminar with Pro John Bruggeman

        8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, John will conduct a group training session in Delta Junction covering how to teach your dog to reliably take a line on land or water, and how get him/her to take direction at distance in both situations.  The cost for this session is $50 per handler. 

    Afternoon one-on-one: 

        Following an hour break for lunch, John will spend the afternoon working with handlers and their dogs one-on-one to focus on whatever tasks or issues the handler would like to work on.  The cost for the afternoon session is also $50 per handler.  


    John Bruggeman is a professional trainer of spaniels and owns and runs both Springers and Cockers in Hunt Tests and Field Trials.  John has been in the Hunt Test game from the beginning of the program as a handler and a judge.  He and his wife Lisa live in York PA.  Visit his website  to learn more about John and his training.  And, visit him on facebook at  to see lots more pictures videos, info.
    For more info, call Jeff Lipscomb 907-388-3185

    REMINDER!  August Flushing Dog Hunt Test entries close at 8:00 PM (Alaska time) on Tuesday the 16th of August.  Enter now!  Join us in Delta Junction for a fun-filled weekend of dogs, birds, and camaraderie!  Go to Hunt Secretary to enter  Call Jeff Lipscomb for more info. – 907-388-3185.

    Clinic registration is open

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