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    Dog First Aid Kit

    Dog First Aid Kit


    Mini Dog First Aid Kit – Fits in Hunting Vest:

    • - 4x4 gauze pads

    • EMT paste

    • EMT spray

    • - Small roll of gauze

    • Small roll of adhesive tape

    • Forceps

    • Bottle of eye wash

    • Quck Clot sponges

    • Small tube anti-biotic ointment


    Field Kit to be kept in vehicle

    • More of all of the above
    • Wound Stapler
    • Sanitary NapkiMini Dog First Aid Kit – Fits in Hunting Vest:
      1. Ear Wash
      2. Ace bandages
      3. Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline). As a wound dressing, bacteria cannot grow in a petroleum environment.
        EMT shears
      4. Sterile saline for irrigating wounds – ask your vet. IV bags travel well.

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